8 Real Life Sailor Moon Locations to Visit in Tokyo For The Ultimate Fangirl

Sailor Moon Locations Tokyo Tower

Today’s post is going to be exciting for any fangirls out there – travel plans based on Sailor Moon locations. I don’t need to remind you how much I freaking love Sailor Moon, right Sara? It pretty much defined my adolescence. I remember the days of sneaking downstairs to use the computer after my parents had gone to sleep, staying up until 3 in the morning reading Usagi/Mamoru R-rated Sailor Moon fanfiction that I probably shouldn’t have been reading at the age of 13. Good times.

I want to give so many thinks to Ryuusagi, who put together the definitive list of Sailor Moon locations on Google Maps. I only included the locations I find the most interesting, but there’s a lot more than eight for the extra super die-hard fan.

It’s no surprise I was eagerly anticipating the brand new Sailor Moon remake ever since it was announced two years ago. I just finished watching Sailor Moon Crystal episode 1, and I’m not going to lie, I teared up a little during the intro scene.

So in the spirit of our sailor-suited guardian of love and justice, I have put together a list of Sailor Moon locations to visit in Tokyo, based on it’s many incarnations – the Sailor Moon manga, the Sailor Moon anime, and the live action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (yes, there is a live action Sailor Moon, no, it’s not very good, and yes, it’s awesome anyway).


Sailor Moon Locations Travel Guide


1) Azabu-Juuban

The real life neighbourhood of Sailor Moon and her friends. Also one of the richest and fanciest residential neighbourhoods in Japan. Let’s just say that when I took a stroll down Azabu-Juuban during my Tokyo travels, I was the sketchy looking outsider getting the side-eye. Pretty sure people started hugging their purses to their chests as I walked by.


2) Amishiro Park

Juuban Park is one of the made-up locations in the Sailor Moon universe, but it’s modeled after real life parks. Take a look at the swing sets in Amishiro Park – they were in Sailor Moon R, when Mamoru talks to Chibi-Usa on the swings after she runs away.

Would it be weird to make my boyfriend dress up as Tuxedo Mask and accost young children on the playground in an attempt to recreate the scene for a photoshoot? No? Alright then, I’ll set my Sailor Moon cosplay plans in motion. Anyone know where to get a top hat and eye mask?


3) Arisugawa no Miya Park

The park where Nephrite dies in Naru’s arms after he does an about-face and turns from bad guy to good guy (oops, spoilers!). Usagi and Mamoru also went on dates here. Arisugawa Park is full of trees and other greenery, making it a little oasis in the middle of a huge city of concrete and glass. The trees also make for some nice romantic make-out spots. Hmm, maybe instead of acting out scenes from Amishiro Park with my boyfriend, I should act out scenes here…


4) Tokyo Tower

Sailor Moon Locations Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower makes an appearance in almost every anime, and Sailor Moon is no exception. It’s often found in the background during fight scenes, as it makes for an impressive sight, especially when all lit up at night.


5) Akabane-dai Pedestrian Bridge

Sailor Moon Locations Akabane-dai bridge

image source: Kirari PGSM

Found in Kita-ku, this overpass is featured heavily in the live action Sailor Moon series.

Can I take a second to talk about Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon? I know it’s a kids show. I know it was aimed at 6 year olds and was supposed to be the girl equivalent of Power Rangers.

I don’t care.

The acting wasn’t great, some of the filler plots were pretty weak, but it did a lot of things better than the anime ever did. For example (spoiler alert!) Sailor Mercury went seriously dark side and almost murdered all her friends in cold blood. Evil baddie Nephrite was stripped of his powers, got kicked out of the Dark Kingdom and picked up a part time job at Crown Game Center mopping floors.  Sailor Venus was a hard-ass who didn’t put up with shit, and had an alter-ego as a pop star, and, oh yeah, died of a brain tumor.  Like… What! Some of those plot twists, man. Pure gold – whether for the dramatics or for the lulz. (/spoilers)


6, 7 & 8) Hikawa Shrine x 3

Sailor Mars, aka Rei Hino, is a shrine priestess at Hikawa shrine. There are three real life locations for this shrine – one used as inspiration for the manga, one for the anime, and the third for the live action. The manga shrine is the Hikawa Jinja in Azabu-Juuban, the anime shrine  is the Hikawa Jinja in Akasaka and the live action shrine is the Hikawa Jinja in Shibuya.

They can’t make my life easy and choose one location, oh no! They have to make me, a Sailor Moon fanatic, travel all across Tokyo to see three of the exact same freaking shrine. Because of course I won’t be satisfied with just seeing one or two. A true fan will spend all afternoon travelling from neighbourhood to neighbourhood to see all there is to see when to comes to their childhood obsession. Clearly.


P.S. Sara, your post on camping at Ferris Provincial Park actually made me a little jealous. I’m not one for camping, much, but that scenary looks so relaxing and peaceful! Maybe when I get sick of the city life, you can take me on a camping trip, throw away my cell phone, and force me to be one with nature.

candice the let's go ladies




Want to go to Tokyo Tower and see if your magical girl destiny unfolds? Or maybe you want to act out an Usagi/Mamoru love scene at Arisugawa Park? How about getting your fortune told at the anime-based Hikawa Shrine in Akasaka? They’re all must-see’s for any Sailor Moon fan!

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Candice has been to Japan twice and had a blast doing all manner of geeky things. She has now made it her life's mission to visit and chronicle every place on earth with any nerdy or geeky connotations. Sailor Moon? A trip to Tokyo! Doctor Who? Better go to London! Bones? The Smithsonian it is!

  • Sara @ They Call it Gumption

    I’d be a filthy liar if I said I didn’t love the idea of a Sailor Moon-inspired trip to Tokyo! Can’t wait to watch that first episode of Crystal either!

    • http://theletsgoladies.com/ Candice Lee MacAulay

      Let’s cosplay when we go! You’ll have to grow your hair long so you can be Sailor Moon.

  • http://damiwanders.wordpress.com/ DJennifer

    This is one of the best posts ever! I have to save this for when I eventually go to Japan. Sailor Moon was that first show to get me into manga and to visit the places featured would be so amazing.

    • http://theletsgoladies.com/ Candice Lee MacAulay

      Thanks so much! I’m glad I could help out a fellow Sailor Moon fangirl. There are a few places that used to exist, but no longer. For example. Crown Game Center was a real place, but it’s been replaced by a McDonald’s. How sad.